April Birthdays

Post date: Mar 24, 2010 8:4:4 PM

Happy April Birthdays!!!!

 Emily Brege

Margaret Vigeant

George Freel

Alfred Jarvis

Tina Straley

Art Mulvena

Lawrence Veihl

Veronica Kaszubowski

Margaret Schoolcraft

Alice Spencer

Gloria Wirgau

Theresa Mendrick

Muriel Mercer

Barb Dagnais

Arla Veihl

Virginia Rosmys

Sally Knopf

Enid Budnick

Florence Werner

Raymond Dehring


Belated Wishes to

Patricia Bruning

in March!

A thought to ponder

Have you ever heard the story of the two woodcutters?

One of them kept cutting all day long. The other

stopped cutting every hour for a few minutes' break.

The first woodcutter, seeing that the second had chopped far more wood than he, exclaimed in disbelief, "I don't understand

why you have double the wood that I do!  You took

so many breaks, while I took None!"

The second woodcutter answered him,

"yes...but while I rested, I sharpened my ax."


We all need to take time to sharpen our tools.