Avoid the rumors... PICCOA services still available

Post date: Jul 12, 2013 7:13:26 PM

We would like to avoid the rumors.  PICCOA has not closed and it has not fired all of its staff.  As a county, state, and federally funded non-profit agency, PICCOA is not able to "just shut it's doors".  It does, however, need to bring it's expenditures in line with it's income. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013 will be the final meal served at the Posen Center for the calendar year.  Home delivered meals will still be provided to the surrounding areas; the Onaway Center will begin production of meals on Monday, July 15th.


The Board of Directors has found it necessary to trim programs and services in many areas.  In addition to the suspension of the in-house Posen meal program, PICCOA has also changed the way mileage is reimbursed to staff, laid off several employees, moved all home delivered meal production to Onaway, reduced bus service for the county and eliminated all non-essential expenditures.  


Over the next several months, the PICCOA Board of Directors will be reviewing the operating budget and determining what level of millage will be needed to sustain PICCOA in the future as a result of the State and Federal cuts over the past several years.


The Posen Center itself will remain open for bingo, commodities and other activities; and is expected to reopen for congregate meals in January.